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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 8, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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n.c. and that was in 2008. then with a loss of it to a small margin in 2012. relatively optimistic and again at 9% reporting second draw too many conclusions yet $52 from 42%. donald is again with 21 percent reporting kit ends again
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georgia the last democrat debt. bill and 1992 surprisingly competitive. they said to% reporting. it can't say a whole lot of 2 percent but trump way ahead in georgia. vermont has
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been called for tromped. this was the surprise again in yet called for a trump. vermont hillary's first penpoint kentucky and note west virginia and predicted the winner and west virginia. so stay tune this could be fun probably in for ali's corner to surprises.
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breaking news- officers say one person is dead and three are hurt after reports of a shooting near a los angeles polling site. an elementary school that's also a polling place was on lockdown. these are pictures from inside- police say someone fired on officers at the scene, but none of them were hurt. no arrests have been made. we'll continue to track this story and bring you updates here on kron4 and on kron4-dot- com. presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump have already taken to the polls to cast their votes.
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both of them were in new york this morning. on the left. hillary she went to an elementary school near her home town of chappaqua to cast her ballot. a crowd of about 150-supporters were outside chanting "madam president" as she came and went with her husband--former president bill clinton at her side. and donald trump on the right. he went to the polls earlier. accompanied by his wife melania. they greeted many of the people working the polls there today. then went to vote. standing side by side. the candidates are scheduled to stay in new york throughout the day. tuesday hillary clinton cast what could be a historic vote for herself. the democratic president nominee voted this morning at an elementary school near her home in chappaqua, new york.
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a smiling clinton emerged from the polling station to a crowd of about 150 supporters. they cheered her on. chanting "madam president." clinton-- with president bill clinton at her side-- shook hands and mingled with the crowd. she said voting with her friends and neighbors made her very happy. -----end-----cnn.script----- --keyword tags-- north carolina internet 2016 election democrat politics candidate ballots are still being cast here in california. kron4's spencer blake joins us
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live from martinez with more on voter turnout there. a major measure on the ballot this year - prop 64 - legalizing recreational use of marijuana. it's one that's triggered lots of conversation. >> steve: girl from the bench saying glory it less a law that obligated by state law to maintain the records the trump the stage is set at hillary clinton headquarters in new york. she will speak at the javits center. the venue has a glass ceiling which is symbolic for a candidate who may make history tonight as the first woman elected president. let's go live to our chief national correspondent jim osman who has one of the best spots in the house. jim? >> reporter: 80 will potentially
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be giving speeches tonight hasher when trump will come out and hillary local the attendees supporters have already done no be at peace chelsea. the percentage of votes whether clinton there alas predictor in n.c. it looks like it they are working north carolina and areas like that paid off tonight. will our looking for later at a to a west coast as nevada resort is
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important as well heroics to see a very tight race in arizona.
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and what a difference and latinos and african-americans other minorities. over back-and- forth and the results the last minute maccabaeus that's important because.
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>> reporter: alicia and-shut shows a few clouds in san francisco where hogs earlier in the morning and everything burned up more sunshine and temperatures warmed up as well drachmas' big ridge of high pressure that will stay right over our region use the how clear it is for most of our western state disturbance upset
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of portland. san francisco down in southern california policy be awful conditions. as of august 31st state commit it to a closer look it through a forecast. covering the election and jerry brown has his votes today charges tonight. coming up, covering the election. governor jerry brown casted his vote today. the state proposition that he's been pushing against. what he says it would do to
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wrote cut herbad news samsung
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loversthere's been a report of a different model phone bursting into flames. a samsung phone user in france says. her galaxy 'j-five' smartphone exploded sunday. this is a photo of that phone. the model is different from the infamous galaxy note seventhat's been recalled worldwide. the woman says she threw her phone away when she realized it had " swollen up" and smoke was coming out. samsung recently recalled millions of it's galaxy note 7 smartphones globally because of a problem that caused the batteries to overheat and catch fire. >> vicki: the bay area is dependent on the tech economy. if silicon valley goes down we all feel it. >> steve:so kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate looked into which candidate the tech sector here is rooting for. trump or clinton. >>:sot - jon swartz san francisco bureau chief , tech - @jswartz "if it's favored one way it's definitely toward hillilary because she actually has a plan for technology, trump does not." >> gabe: jon swartz covers all
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things technology economy in silicon valley for usa today. he says trumps lack of a plan has really turned off the tech sector. >>:sot - jon swartz san francisco bureau chief , tech - @jswartz "clinton has laid out a plan for high speed internet in every home in the us by 2020, she wants to launch stem programs for girls and low income kids, etc she has laid out a plan" another thing not helping trump win over techies. he went after their heroes on twitter. sot - jon swartz san francisco bureau chief , tech - @jswartz "he went after jeff bezos and
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apple and mark zuckerberg over a building the wall comment, which is not politically smart if you want to have support in the tech community etc. " "in fact other than peter thiel, who is famous for investing in facebook, no big tech figures here are for trump, clinton has mark cuban, zuckerberg, etc etc even meg whitman who is traditionally a republican" >> gabe:in 2010 silicon valley was really devidid between obama and romney this time around it's different. "sot - jon swartz san francisco bureau chief , tech - @jswartz "the valley is more united in what they want, they want someone intellectually curious clinton is intelligent and wants to learn, trump has shown no interest in this area. which says a lot about your knowledge of one of the biggest industries in the world." and if you'd like to connect with gabe slate. you can add him on facebook, follow him on twitter. or email - slate-at-kron4-dot- com. we're following election results as they come into the newsroom. we'll have the state by state returns after the break. plus how susan b anthony is being honored during this election we are tracking election results
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country. kron4's catherine heenan has been monitoring this story and joins us now with the latest. >> catherine:ohio - republicans need to win it to win the white house michigan - where both clinton and trump have been hammering away in the last days with the trump campaign insisting they can win it. although it went to obama in the last election new hampshire - another state hillary clinton needs to hold on to.which also voted obama >> catherine: hatta okla. west virginia moments ago changed floral considered crucial if he's done it to its 10 electoral votes in the florida agreeing the drug has got the win here one of the most heartily part hardest fought the trustees 56% of supporting hillary clinton it does have a bit of an edge of tears.
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eedge there >> catherine: michigan tribes can has been saying there really thought i had a shot hoping to cut foot the gas to keep all our states read and got the flit alleys water to lose states
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alabama no surprise. massachusetts also called for hillary a bit closer but significant lead riot of the for her misery and donald 49% hillary 47 this is close a dozen very few results are and. oklahoma called for trump as you see 66% pennsylvania cornelia
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and then again this is very early redolent called for hillary kron4news-dot-com all the results as the command at your leisure looked at the results on the web cast his vote
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for the election. and he brought along his four- legged friend. he has been urging voters to vote no on propostion-53. the decision could greatly impact his plans for two massive projects on california infrastructure. it would require the state to get voter approval before launching any building projects that needs 2-billion-dollars or more in revenue bonds. brown says it would make it more difficult to approve his plans to divert water to southern california.and to buld a high- speed rail. san francisco - >> steve: california voters are casting ballots on a measure that could decide the fate of two of gov. jerry brown's legacy projects. proposition 53, on tuesday's ballot, will require the state to get voters' approval before launching any building project that needs $2 billion or more in revenue bonds. if approved, it will most immediately impact brown's plans to build two giant north-south water tunnels, and high-speed rail. the two projects combined would cost about $84 billion. hundred of people trying to cast their votes in san jose didn't have the easiest time. they were briefly evacuated from a county bulding due to a fire alarm. the cause?burnt toast. nearly 200-people were rushed out of santa clara county building-2 when someone pulled the fire alarm. reports say the evacuation lasted only about 15-minutes. we're showing you footage from afterwards.polling workers were already back to counting ballots.
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county office officials were also there to ensure voter security. they say there is no potential for hacking.since their voting system is not connected to the internet. there is video in today's folder from will tran. towards the end of his raw video he gives some inforamtion about voting in this county >> vicki: toro college the people who choose a president of their riders a constitution compromise between direct elections giving the power to state legislature each state is one like there for each member of congress. california has 53 and two senators giving it 55 like towards by far the biggest total other states with major clout led by texas florida and york canada's have to win the
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most votes in a state to get all the auto rowboats in that state. maine and nebraska only two were the votes are allocated proportionally as we learned six years ago as possible to win the popular vote and lose in the electoral college outdoor got half a million more votes than george bush nationwide not enough of them in florida. that was determined by 502 votes and to the supreme court to decide the final result. >> steve:susan b-anthony spent her life fighting for woman's rights.and today many visited her grave after casting their ballots in this historic election. people have left flowers.notes.and are leaving postcards with their "i voted"
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stickers attached. all honor her pivotal role in the woman's sufferage movement.on a day where american's could vote to elect the first woman president of the u-s. susan b. anthony died in rochester new york back in 19- 06.14-years before women won the right to vote. ne-004tu rochester, n.y. - some voters are going from the polls to the cemetery in upstate new york in order to pay respect to women's suffragist leader susan b. anthony. video from wham-tv shows a steady stream of people at rochester's mount hope cemetery decorating anthony's grave with "i voted" stickers and american
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flags. some are leaving yellow roses, which was a symbol of the women's suffrage movement. among the visitors was nora rubel, the director of the susan b. anthony institute at the university of rochester. she tells the rochester democrat and chronicle that she went to the polls and the grave with her two daughters in order to share the experience. the cemetery has extended its visiting hours to 9 p.m. tuesday to allow for more election day visitors. regardless of the election's outcome.many believe today's tribute to susan-b-anthony and her fight for equality.speaks volumes. the cemetery will extend its hours until the polls close for those who are last-minute voting and may want to pay tribute. a plea hearing for 2 east bay murder suspects is underway. >> britteny: linda areas and other stories drawn mild it continue with the bigger high- pressure stinging control of the mortar towards night loss of last night and addresses including beautiful than the 77 oakland closer to a auto closer to 58720 as the the '60s and and yet conquered oakland it just barely 60 degrees for a warm
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lunch or most locations and then the highest in the high '70's. in close to 80 degrees and saturday. mid-70s for them and locations will drop to the mid- 60s the coast. >> vicki:we'll tell you what we know killing karla ramirez.
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pena a family on quiet mount muir court in rural marinwood were the victims of a home invasion robbery shortly after midnight today. three perpetrators, one armed with a firearm, another with a baseball bat ordered the residents out of their bedrooms and held them until they ransacked the home for cash, electronics and jewelry. marin county sheriff's investigators urge anyone who saw a strange car in the area to call them. >> reporter: as a list as the body was found in creon and thursday unlisted multiple times and was set on fire. explain us what did the defendants have separate attorneys. the the subject and
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turtle leave a place to hit it will be back in court november 29th likely enter plea then.
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>> vicki: we have more.
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>> pam: we are keeping a close eye on all the results across the country so far clinton has won eight state abortion has won six we are keeping it close eye we bring it on the results of a political consultant and a lettuce from the campaign we have much more of an election and all night long and go back to you now in the studio. >> vicki: will put health organization has a new fur recommendations help eight years services during pregnancy five visits about digital's imams da pregnant or original birth more
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than 6 million babies die before they mumbled many of these deaths could be prevented by calling their new recommendations. >> vicki: >> reporter: icahn's will medicine says set the date with protein healthy and stabbing a dallas oil avoid an energy crash later on. another bad habit is keeping its dealers in your head try to rely on memory for everything can be stressful keeping it latif can help alleviate some of the anxiety. experts say you should avoid watching tv using your phone and our before bed try to get at least eight hours of the inner
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uninterrupted sleep and getting into a better team stick with it job at harvard medical school says that it's easy to slip perturb bad habits it's the good habits that are making you feel better. hit >> britteny: agency's san francisco are of high pressure
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building right overhead that spends half toward the east end of finding any weather disturbances we continue to seek an enjoyable temperatures conditions or the next few days. and tomorrow morning we started a few clouds by severances go over into parts of the east bay and to the selfless that arose out toward the definition more sunshine a few more passing clouds and evening a lot of clout is stay close to the coast overnight wednesday into thursday another round of sunshine from the coast all light and inland locations beautiful next couple of days on to one thing to point up still is a high service advisory in effect until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow paul a stronger currency possibility in sneaker with the death a little note be careful going and the water. expected to choose a 78 concord 75 livermore and then he ordered 72
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richman 71 in san francisco. as we go into your wednesday temperatures 10 years '70s friend and locations in the end of the difference with our temperatures. but coast high 60s and the roundup temperatures mid-70s their friday another look at your weather and 6:00.
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>> reporter:. still sign off on the deal --well.the world health according to the prince the 35 year-old beauty lives in canada embroiled in nightly legal battles confirmed that they fired at their own british legal team.
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election day is here. and we are getting new numbers. as the race to the white house heats up. we'll get you caught up at the top of the hour. and the suspects accused in the brutal murder of a san leandro woman. make their first court appearance. we'll have the latest details. kron 4 news at six is next.
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the long and sometimes bumpy path has led to this night. america is choosing its next president today. and whoever wins the
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presidential race. the nation will see history. either the first woman will be elected to the nations highest office. or a high profile political outsider will take white house. and if this line is any indication. it could be a late night counting the ballots. heavy turnout is being reported all over the country including the bay area. we will take you to some of the polling locations and get a pulse of voters. good evening i'm steve aveson. and i'm pam moore. it is a big night here on kron 4 news. we are busy monitoring all the key local races. but with polls are still open for a couple more hours here in the bay area and california. there is still time for you to vote. and ofcourse we are keeping tabs on the race for the white house. polls have just closed in a bunch of states. so many that we won't bother to list them all off. vote totals are still coming in. catherine heenan is keeping a close eye on the results. let's get to her for an update. >> catherine: these hopes that it sure as a result assess it kron4news-dot-com these things can come in fast and furiously and they say get them but oculus year hillary wins the state president won in 2012 and nothing simple not all what assumptions so for this year's race charity interested to read.
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and the strength and ohio 51.
6:01 pm
trump 43%. pennsylvania this state has voted democratic and lost six elections philadelphia is really huge. and a campaign audits of some trouble as a life
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to present reporting. kron
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four's spencer blake has been checking the polls all afternoon. he is live tonight with the latest. >> reporter: alliance here, a costa county and to register voters that a kid and i will stop and tell me it carries a rally over there this is the first general election actually using moreover system of all network the physically and pickups and by that several polling spots and the that you defer your valid but did have to wait for finishing up their
6:04 pm
voting before you could vote. that's having an affect on things. there are 17 number of
6:05 pm
local races the measured charge upon and croats on jury drinks. in alameda county, this is the first general election they're using a rover system. sending out rovers - county employees -- to each polling help poll workers get things closed more quickly in the series of polling locations, go to several spots and come back in one route
6:06 pm
went inside the polling place in the county courthosue, no line. empty polls, didn't have to wait for people to finish. "over the weekend we had a line. so i think what we're seeing is our voters are voting early, they're voting by mail. we're up to 63% of our voters are permanent vote-by-mail voters, so i think they're going with the convenience of voting when they want to vote, and vote-by- mail and drop-off. that's having effect, i think." 888,000 voters in alameda co over 200k voted early'
6:07 pm
probably 70-75% turnout, but much higher numbers b/c of high registration through monday they'll still be counting mailed-in ballots spencer blake, kron four news. voter turnout has been robust in many locations throughout the bay area. we found people lining up and waiting today in oakland to cast their ballots. californians ofcourse have a lot to go through this year. well beyond choosing the next president. there is a u-s senate race. and 17 ballot measures, along with numerous local races. one thing we will be paying close attention to in oakland.
6:08 pm
new economic proposal deal of thought andin many bay area counties, they are already busy counting votes. >> reporter: the how of masts mike be call into question for a to get so let chablis is in time. also told year and this
6:09 pm
could be he close to two years ago we spot a political science major says the thing to watch is a republican turnout. all are democrats and could hurt we will be keeping an eye on that to
6:10 pm
and so >> pam: vote totals are rea was happening there at this hour? >> reporter: and for very long night of his summit totals and the wind until later on an evening and all so ahead and the states of ohio and michigan as a move last if ohio but it's
6:11 pm
going to from the will have long night. hillary talked about the glass ceiling and 2008 and two very subdued rate now at church before seeing it here for a lot.
6:12 pm
tv health and the distance expecting 180 people has his support here in san francisco. headline right now, but across the country to close to call.
6:13 pm
>> pam: so be the party central here tonight tonight >> j.r.: 80 for joining us. that's just a little taste of what is to combat. >> steve: it got with usa reminder throughout the night. you can keep up with the results on kron four dot com. and if you have not voted and need a little guide. we have a remember. polls close here at 8 so you have about an hour and 45 minutes left! following tonight. the suspects accused of the brutal killing of sheriff's volunteer make their first court appearance. what we learned about this case.and a scare on the peninsula.
6:14 pm
the warning going out tonight to parents after what happened to a little boy.
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
two women claiming to have found an abandoned baby on a sidewalk in oakland appearantly made the whole thing up. >> reporter: a barrier corp.
6:17 pm
proceed during they do not and today 22 old address and friday were abating at some point or allow local pepsi with the victim. rogers plotted to kill ramirez for several days and the body was found in the east oakland on thursday victim's body was status also burned. let's take a listen dollar he had to say. >>: high burden of proof i am going to fight the government to make sure they don't meet that burden of proof in the case goes ok for him.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: 50 monday after a 11 year-old boy says he is harassed by a man who first spotted heading in the seven elements so far. amendable by
6:19 pm
the shoulder startled the boiler and off and told parent recall police. this incident does not appear to be related reported last month and webster streets. hence the need to be alert for potential creditors. predators
6:20 pm
>> reporter: neighbors and people working the area telos they will hillocks suspicious. in palo alto, philippe djegal, kron four news. a reminder throughout the night. you can keep up with the results on kron four dot com. >> catherine: they are hoping this evening would be fairly short does not like that will happen result the pouring and 22 call the last five minutes watching florida so wrote a tight race there are some razor- thin margins in battleground states. some people's surprise. it's not going to be a short evening we look at more states for the polls have closed states
6:21 pm
that have been called. these are states that have been called and coming and quickly. look at the florida the numbers specifically. another state being closely watched ohio is another state people are watching just under reporting. talking to a largely white
6:22 pm
working-class population in turmoil you can watch onand if you have not voted and kron4news-dot-com need a little guide. we have a link to all the propositions. remember. polls close here at 8 so you have about an hour and 45 minutes left. how would you like a billionaire to pick you up so you can vote.
6:23 pm
>> britteny: elise's friend and locations closer to the below 60 is in store running 56 degrees higher than this time yesterday a three degrees in san rosella three and livermore. then clawed their still in an area earlier said it did see a lot more cloudiness. now this was a control over san francisco into the next few days. >> britteny: 76 as the rosa
6:24 pm
temperatures near san francisco 71 men to tomorrow pettifog i can't and that temperatures timidly in the mid-70s. 74 on wednesday and will drop on friday a possibility we system little bit of light showers and the weekend. hit
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>> steve: his goal is to have his is it there with the biggest increase in turnout of any in the country. kron4news- dot-com keep up with the results if you have not voted yet we have a link to all burst the propositions holes close your at picklock 70 it's left to go and cast your ballot. other is attracting top stories and these two suspects bring it and dumping at and east. park.
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in palo alto. sot- "thats horrible." police are looking for a man who allegedly approached and harassed an 11-year-old boy as he walked along colorado avenue just before 3-30 monday afternoon. investigators say the man put his hand on the boys shoulder, which frightened the child. the boy describes the man as having facial hair and a spanish accent.
6:33 pm
police say although this sounds similar to a case reported last month along webster street. at this time, these two incidents don't appear to be connected. in palo alto, philippe djegal, kron four news. this is a story we are keeping a close eye on. one person is dead and three others injured following a shooting near a los angeles-area polling site. it happened in azusa. and the polling location was locked down while police hunted for at least one suspect. officers did get into some sort of shootout with the gunman but no one was hurt. the gunman reportedly had a rifle and fired at least 20 times at officers. as for the voters. they were sent to another polling site. the electoral map is starting fill in and we are getting a good idea of where this race stands tonight.
6:34 pm
and let's look now a scud in n.c.. reporting here again look, this is another a battleground state white population trade deals angry about vanishing manufacturing jobs: the message was that resonate here. the trump does have an edge over clinton and
6:35 pm
same story again other battlegrounds state where it is pretty tight with 15 percent reporting from exit calls
6:36 pm
clinton as " winning about the same percentage of votes of that brought one in 2012. fewer african-americans are 10 and up to the polls. a much passed away
6:37 pm
in most of all the battlegrounds status and fled water to lose states.
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the tunnel building and has
6:42 pm
almost cavorted yard passing performance from last sunday times win ultimate offense award as story all the sports coming off. is a gold glove
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>> gary: bigelow crawford and the panic since 1994. knopf last night they went crazy. so much foreign albeit rat courage during his thing. a
6:47 pm
great great shall and more to a point from their tennis standpoint of the charts last night it but for something to talk about people never want to limit as the 49ers a 08
6:48 pm
>> reporter: wednesday to the exec and estimates as it happens in committee the second- best player in the world you will set them. recall and last night it frustrated also sent
6:49 pm
her flowers at the game $52,000 letter. it's a bad year all little redundant but hey that initially limited for a playoff ball the patriots and all lisa
6:50 pm
in that position because it makes more. and nothing wrong with that. the sharks win three
6:51 pm
nothing of the cavaliers and then be hale lost their first game to a plant south. m $2 expense. >> gary: of luck to you i'll go home while the how much a and then watch will separate recall watching the results coming in from the presidential elections sunday numbers and less than three minutes. . but
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6:54 pm
>> pam: action related story one person dead pillars injured following a shooting near los angeles area of polling site. location lockdown please release the suspects officers did get into a shootout and the gunman had a rifle fired 20 times as voters there are said to another polling site.
6:55 pm
>> catherine: they were the clinton state statistical when in terms less win in texas north dakota also in read states and the self hillary was usual blues states including york state expected be taught substance including florida all hell to close to call.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- brad and angelina's custody battle takes a beating. >> at the end of the day, we are dear friends who love each other and want to support each other. >> the inside details of their temporary agreement. >> there is a long, tough battle ahead. then prince harry makes his royal romance official. but why is he putting the tabloids on blast? >> my private life has to be private. and number three -- marilu henner's ballroom day, over as the dancers embrace the great white wave. >> if your life was a broadway musical, what would the title be? >> i put the all in small.
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>> plus your insider bonus, what is gabrielle union's biggest holiday no-no. >> if you bring a pumpkin pie to a black person's home, you're banned. and the mannequin challenge has hollywood dead in it's tracks. but who is giving stiff competition? >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> hello, everyone and welcome to "the insider." we are tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> and we start with the number one story everyone's talking about. >> he's a wonderful man and a wonderful father, and i'm very, very lucky. >> he wants to help me. i want to help him to be the best that he can be. >> in a relationship which deteriorated to an unrecognizable state of mess. a source tells me brad and angelina have spoken directorly to each other to reach a new temporary custody agreement. angelina's rep confirmed the news saying that both parties signed it over a week ago at a quote, in accordance with


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